Corporate Services

About US


K' Sorathiya and Company is an integrated corporate legal and financial services, offering one-step solution for all corporate compliance & legal requirements.      

We have varied team of professionals for better serving our clients on Accounts, Secretarial, Taxation, Employee Provident Fund, and Trademark.


We at K' Sorathiya and Company follow the path shown by Lord Rama. Incarnation of Lord Rama is known for his principles. He is supreme in his ethics and behavior. We at K' Sorathiya and Company keenly follow his directives. He made his living superior in all his virtues and dignity. 

He proved himself as an ideal man. He was beloved by his people, state and community We indulge to follow all his principles in our work and lifestyle. 

We follow his roles in bonding our relations with clients. We respect our clients, and give honest proposals, and work on ethics. We follow it in providing integrity and success to the legal entities . Organizations need to adhere all its responsibilities towards all the governing laws. 

His principle enables entity with legal formation to be tied with a knot and the true responsiveness of the entity is served when all the legal regulations are well addressed and merged with all its stakeholders. 

His principle also helps to address our commitment in serving on each prospect on regular basis, so our clients can be well updated to comply with all the requirements before due dates to save from penalties and legal proceedings.